What is grekland.gr?

Grekland.gr is a comprehensive travelguide for the Scandinavian tourists who are planning their dream holiday in mainland Greece or the Greek islands. Around 90 % of our visitors are Scandinavians googling for information on Greece. Our page is currently coming up as number three in a Google search. We also have a high ranking in Yahoo, Bing and the Swedish search engine Eniro.

On our pages we give in depth information of all the holiday destinations in Greece, information on flights, hotels, car hire, restaurants, bars, beaches, water sports, boats and ferries. There is also extensive information on the daily life in Greece, local events and news bulletins on the right hand side of our pages. We who work with grekland.gr are permanently living in Greece for many years.

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Grekland info

Hotell i Grekland


  • Nödsamtal SOS - 112
  • Polis - 112
  • Luftpolis
    210-964 2000
  • Turistpolis - 171
  • Trafikpolis
  • Ambulans - 166
  • Brandkår - 199
  • Kustvakt - 108
  • Jourapotek - 1434
  • Förgiftningsjour
    210-779 3777
  • Med. rådgivning - 197